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The Palm Beach County Airboat & Halftrack Conservation Club was established in 1953 - over 60 years ago.

1953 Leonard Sombret
1954 Woodie Upthegrove
1955 David Crowe
1956 Ernie Palmer Sr
1957 Brooks Martin
1958 Jim Rice
1961 Roger Tadlock
1962-63 Ernie Palmer Jr
1964-65-66-67 Omar Morris
1968-69 Bob McDonald
1970-71 Robert Stossel
1972-73 Omar Morris
1974-75 Bill Coleman
1976 Norman Padget
1977-78 Jim Slaymaker
1979 Larry Roush
1980 Jim Williams
1981-82-83-84-85 Mike Savage
1986-87-88-89-90 Larry Palmer
1991-92 Walt Brandon
1993 Bishop Wright
1994-95 Ken Sullivan
1996-97 Alan Palmer
1998 Bryan Kennedy
1999 Ken Sullivan
2000-01-02 John Creasman
2003-04-05-06 Ron Taylor
2007-08-09-10-11 Glenn Brandon
June 2012 - November 2012 Bryan Swink
2012-2018 Mary Ann Westwood

Everglades Youth Camp

This Club is the original builder and donator of the Everglades Youth Camp in the J. W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area off of Seminole Pratt-Whitney Road, in western Palm Beach County, Florida.

Bob McDonald in 1997 reflecting on 1966 Deer Save

Operation Deer Save 1966 part 1

Operation Deer Save 1966 part 2

Operation Deer Save 1966 part 3

Operation Deer Save 1966 part 4

Operation Deer Save 1966 part 5 (end)

Capturing Big John 1966

Club Growth
Membership grows yearly. Concerned sportsmen feel that the only way to preserve our natural resources are to join an established organization with a proven track record.

The club has and attends many events each year.
Starting off the year in January, the club has a booth in the Conservation Tent during the South Florida Fair for 17 days with a couple of extra days for setup.

February we help the FSCA with their annual Youth Day

Our annual Airboat & Swamp Buggy Show is also in February, which gives us our source of income for the year.

March we go to Browardís annual airboat & buggy show to support them.

April we help with the annual cleanup of the JW Corbett WMA

April is our Annual Howard Elkins Fishing Clinic. This past year we gave away @ 190 FREE fishing poles.

May we will do a Spring Skeet Shoot.
May is also our Annual Awards Banquet.

June we help spruce up the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp in time for summer camp. Also in June is the annual Florida Wildlife Federationís awards banquet which several of our members attend.

July is the annual Florida Airboat Associationís meeting and awards which several members represent our club.

September is our annual skeet shoot.

October is our annual Walt Brandon Special Needs fishing clinic which we have partnered with the Place of Hope.

November, we help the Big Heart Brigade. The last November we cooked over 2400 turkeys that served over 105,000 meals to the less fortunate, from the Treasure Coast to the Glades to Miami.

December is our annual Christmas Party.

In addition to these events, members attend many other clubs functions and events. Members regularly attend many other meetings throughout the year all over this great State of Florida.

Sponsor kids every year to attend a week of Summer camp at either the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp or another camp
Sponsors Eagle Scout Projects.

In 2000, both labor and funds went to:

JW Corbett Management Area and Everglades Youth Camp was the Club's primary mission in 2000; Installed new culverts in the JW Corbett with necessary labor;
Corbett Sign Day

Cleaned main canal of JW Corbett choked with hydrillia & foliage;

Provided trash dumpsters during hunting season in JW Corbett;

Purchased and installed over 600 ft. of chain link fencing around retention pond in Youth Camp; Removed several lightening damaged trees in the Youth Camp;

Painted all the cabins at the Youth Camp;

Cleared roadway behind Camp from overgrowth for bus access;

Replaced rain gutters and repaired roof on cafeteria in Youth Camp;

Purchase 4 air conditioners to replace damaged units; and

Replaced the roof over the Director's Office at the Youth Camp.

Delegates to represent everyone
Club sends 2 delegates to the FFWCC Jacksonville meeting to speak on issues concerning education and tuition at the Youth Camp.

Special Appointment
The FFWCC appointed 1 of our members to sit on a steering committee to plan "A Day in the Woods" in conjunction with the "National Hunting and Fishing Day."

Public Education Efforts
This Club takes pride in educating the public on conservation, game management and preservation of resource issues.

South Florida Fair
The Club is a major participator in the annual South Florida Fair.

Buggy Races
Members regularly attend, support and work with neighboring conservation club events to develop similar goals and accomplishments to benefit Florida resources.

FL Wildlife Federation (FWF)
Our Club has members who are actively involved in the Florida Wildlife Federation for many, many years and has held several notable positions with FWF. This has been a benefit to our Club in many instances.

The Club is sponsoring and seeking to sponsor other youth athletic leagues.
Recently the club donated monies towards a Youth program, the National Archery in Schools Program aka NASP and the local school is GreenAcres Elementary.

Airboat Lobbyist
For several years the club has been donating monies to the Florida Airboat Association to help fund the lobbyist to fight for preserving our Airboating rights.
In 2007, the club started the trend to donate twenty (20) percent of the
net profit of the Raffle Airboat to the FAA Lobbyist
Since then, the other Florida airboat clubs have continued this donation.

Growth & Expansion
The Club continues to set sights on the involvement of young people in conservation issues.

Club members participate in many other events around the State of Florida...
Youth Hunts, Wounded Warrior hunts, crab trap cleanups, conservation areas trash pickups, helping other clubs with their events.

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